Together we make a difference. Together we save lives.

Survive First works hard to take care of our front line workers and families.  Imagine a world where stigma is erased and our nation’s first responders can take care of their wellness, free judgement and fear of career repercussions.

Your support helps us normalize the conversation surrounding mental health in the first responders community, paving the path for change and breaking down the barriers to seeking help.

Become a partner in supporting first responder mental health and wellness

When you give to Survive First, you’re not just offering a donation; you’re extending a lifeline to those in need. Your gift has the power to save lives and make a profound difference in the mental health and well-being of first responders and their families. Join us in our mission to provide vital support and resources – your generosity can truly change lives.

Your support helps fund:

Treatment Assistance Fund: Your generous contribution enables us to expand access to crucial mental health resources, through our Treatment Assistance Fund.  By supporting Survive First, you help ensure that individuals facing mental health challenges receive the care and support they deserve, when financial hardship has become a barrier.

Training and Education: Your support allows us to develop and implement comprehensive training programs designed to enhance awareness, resilience, and coping strategies among first responders. Through workshops, seminars, and online resources, we empower individuals to recognize signs of distress, seek help when needed, and cultivate healthy coping mechanisms.

Advocacy and Outreach: Your donation fuels our advocacy and outreach efforts within the first responder community and beyond. Through targeted campaigns, public awareness initiatives, and partnerships with local organizations, we strive to raise awareness about the importance of mental health support for first responders. By engaging with communities and fostering conversations, we aim to break down stigma, promote understanding, and ensure that no one faces mental health challenges alone.

Innovative Program Development: Your generosity drives the creation of new and innovative programs tailored to the evolving needs of first responders and their families. With your support, we can develop cutting-edge initiatives focused on mental health awareness, resilience building, and community support. From specialized training modules to interactive workshops and digital resources, your donation enables us to pioneer solutions that address the unique challenges faced by those on the front lines. Together, we can introduce impactful programs that empower first responders to prioritize their well-being and thrive in their vital roles. 

Giving Opportunities

  1. Recurrent Giving: Make a lasting impact through regular, automated donations. Your ongoing support ensures continuity and stability for Survive First’s vital programs and services.

  2. One-Time Gift: Make a direct and immediate contribution to support Survive First’s mission. Your generosity provides critical resources to help first responders and their families in times of need.

  3. Matching Gifts Through Employer: Double your impact by taking advantage of your employer’s matching gift program. Many companies offer to match their employees’ charitable donations, effectively doubling the impact of your contribution.

  4. Planned Gifts: Leave a lasting legacy by including Survive First in your estate planning. Planned gifts, such as bequests, charitable trusts, or life insurance policies, ensure that your support continues to benefit first responders and their families for years to come.

  5. Annual Gifts: Support Survive First’s ongoing initiatives with an annual contribution. Your annual gift provides essential funding for programs, resources, and outreach efforts that promote mental health awareness and support within the first responder community.

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other resources

Our other resources for Survive First users
Online training tool and app offering short, OnDemand audio/visual classes in tactical breath work, yoga, mindfulness, and meditation to reset the neurological system. This link provides any first responder who accesses Cyber Academy, Yoga for First Responders’ first responder discount which is $48/year. This is nearly a 50% discount provided to our Survive First family