Trauma Behind the Badge

Trauma Behind the Badge is a weekly webinar, where panelists, Doug Monda, Chris Scallon, Raul Rivas, and Chris Fields discuss real and raw topics experienced in a career as a first responder.  Held every Tuesday evening, at 7:00 PM (EST), first responders have an opportunity to listen and actively participate through chats and Q and A’s during the hour long discussion. 

Reading for Spouses: A CHiP on My Shoulder

A CHip On My Shoulder was written by How 2 Love Our Cops founder, Victoria Newman.

“A CHiP On My Shoulder looks at the realities of life with law enforcement today, and offers proven principles, positive perspectives, and hope.  It includes personal stories from our thirteen years together as well as dozens of law enforcement marriages from all over the United States.”

 – Victoria M. Newman, Author


Lighthouse Wellness App

Lighthouse Health & Wellness is an in-hand, on-demand, 100% confidential health and wellness platform available at no cost to our nation’s public safety agencies.

Lighthouse was designed to provide public safety employees and their families anonymous access to your their agency’s existing health and wellness programs, along with a growing library of the latest educational health and wellness information and tools that have been tailored to the unique needs of those working in public safety.

COPLINE is a CONFIDENTIAL 24/7 crisis hotline, serving active and retired officers and their loved ones by providing trained, retired officers for callers that are dealing with various stressors law enforcement careers encounter both on and off the job.  Whether it’s just a “bad day or a crisis, COPLINE is there to listen.  Copline also has the ability to assist with a referral to a culturally competent mental health professional.  Survive First is proud to partner with COPLINE.


At Survive First, we believe that choosing a culturally competent mental health provider is a very personal decision, and encourage first responders to do their due diligence in researching providers, in order to make an informed and educated decision about what will best meet their needs.

Look for a center / facility that has a First Responder / Veteran specific program, that focusses on your needs (ie: trauma informed care, addiction, etc.).  From traditional programs to those that include non-traditional modalities such a equine therapy, be sure to find what fits your needs.