Honor Walk 2019

As of Friday March 15th, we received news of this year’s 50th law enforcement suicide. To put this in other words, that is 50 verified suicides in just the first 74 days of 2019. We don’t have the numbers for fire fighters, but we know they add to this number. We must find a way to stop this. The best way we know is to ensure that all first responders know there is help, and know they can feel confident in asking for it. Honor Walk 2019 is carrying that message.

This morning, Doug Monda, founder of Survive First, caught the first flight out to San Francisco, California, where he will meet up with Danny Garcia to begin the first leg of Honor Walk 2019 on Monday, March 18. Kicking off at the Handlery at Union Square, Doug and Danny will walk roughly 25 a day, meeting with verterans and first responder to spread their message.

Honor Walk 2019 will cross the United States, from California to New York, to personally thank verterans and first responders for their service as well as raise awareness about mental health and the help that is available to those in need of mental health support. Doug and Danny will stop at police and fire stations, as well as military bases to spread the message that we can live in peace…spiritually, physically, and mentally. Doug will join Danny on various legs of the walk, including Arizona, Texas, Florida, North Carloina, Washington DC, and New York.

As the walk makes it’s way through the country, we will need support, both monetarily and physically, to ensure the mission of the walk is met, as well as the safety and well-being of Doug and Danny. Attached are the maps of the current route.

Survive First is truly honored to be part of this incredible awareness campaign. We feel incredibly blessed that we were asked to join Danny’s team. We would like to extend our sincere thank yous to Biosound Technologies and Chateau Recovery for sponsoring our first leg. If you would like to help, please contact Doug’s wife, Karen at karen@wordpress-710563-2356874.cloudwaysapps.com. Thank you for your support and prayers over the next several months! Together we will make a difference!