Request Financial Assistance

Thank you for reaching out to Survive First


Our Treatment Assistance Fund assists first responders who are in need of mental health support, but unable to access it due to financial hardship.  Once your application is received, it will be submitted to our selection committee for consideration for approval.  No personal identifying information will be shared with the board.  Please ensure that you have completed all fields on the application. 
Who is eligible?  All current, former, and retired first responders are eligible to apply.  Immediate family members are eligible to apply when need is in direct relation to first responder line of duty.  Immediate family members include spouse, children, parents of first responder. First responders include law enforcement (local, state, federal), fire fighters, emergency medical services / paramedics, dispatch, corrections officers, game wardens / animal protection police.
**Specific and detailed information regarding your decision to receive help as well as your financial hardship must be provided before your application is submitted to our selection committee to ensure they are able to make a well-informed decision.  Applications that do not include this information will not be approved.
Thank you again for reaching out to Survive First