Knowledge is Power

Survive First believes that education is the master key to breaking the silence and stopping the stigma of mental health issues in first responders.  Here, we provide educational resources and tools you can use boost your knowledge of the issues that can impact first responders and their families.

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Community Resilience and PTSD

written by Jeff Simpson

In an inherently dangerous profession, one would expect that the bonds of fire and emergency services combat would be proven, tried, and true; the unions forged able to withstand the test of time and an evolving landscape of demands, pressures, and battlefield unrest, common threads weaved through years of personal commitment and paid for in sweat equity.

Burnout, Complex PTSD, and Resiliency

written by Karen Jackson

I have been a psychologist for 20 years, and I have worked with firefighters or their family members for the last 10 of those years. I’ve estimated that I have spent somewhere over 10,000 hours talking with firefighters who walked through my door for help with a wide range of life’s struggles. Sometimes, the problem was post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) or burnout or the secondary

Thinking About Suicide: Be Aware Of This Cop Killer

written by Aletha Olson & Mike Wasilewski

The idea of suicide as a solution to pain, frustration or emotional emptiness is common. Even just having the thought in the first place is disconcerting, but most people who think about taking their lives never act on it. Thinking about suicide — having the momentary flash — is common.  It doesn’t make you weak. It means are human and honest,

Mindfulness Techniques to Combat Stress: For Law Enforcement Officers

written by Major Mike Hardee (Retired)

As law enforcement officers, we expect to experience a high level of stress
and anxiety during our careers. Chronic stress can lead to poor performance,
family problems, and a host of health-related issues.


Advice From Police Spouses For A Successful Marriage

written by Olivia Johnon

Plenty of sources say that police divorce rates are higher than other occupations, yet the research is lacking. Whether or not divorce is more prevalent among officers, and even though divorce may have a negative connotation, there is something of value to be derived from divorce for people who take time to learn about their former spouse, themselves or the situation the two created. Further, those who

Helping Children Cope With Critical Incidents

written by Karen Solomon

You saw the news this week, Officer Jones was shot in the face, his wife is standing by his bedside and they are receiving support from the hospital staff and their friends. Did you hear about his kids? No, you didn’t. Unfortunately, we forget that many officers have families and there are children involved. We forget that they are also affected by the same circumstances as the spouse/parents of

Encouragement: An Essential Part of the Firefighter Marriage

written by Anne Gagliano

We are not meant to be alone; to be alone is to be more easily overpowered by trials and tribulations and foes intent on our destruction. Two are not so easily overpowered. Why is this so?  Because with two, someone has your back. With two, one can rest while the other works. With two, there is