Doug and Karen Monda Honored With the Florida Police Chiefs Association’s President’s Award

In a heartwarming moment that highlighted the importance of mental health advocacy within law enforcement, Doug and Karen Monda were honored with the prestigious President’s Award by the Florida Police Chiefs Association (FPCA). This honor was presented at the Annual Installation and Awards Banquet during the 72nd Annual Summer Training Conference, recognizing their dedication and contributions to mental health awareness and support for officers.

The FPCA, known for its commitment to enhancing law enforcement practices and promoting the well-being of officers across Florida, selected the Mondas for their efforts in addressing the mental health challenges faced by police officers. Their work has not only raised awareness but also provided much-needed resources and support systems for those in the line of duty, retired first responders, and families.

Doug and Karen Monda’s journey into mental health advocacy began from personal experiences and challenges. Doug, a former law enforcement officer himself, faced his own battles with mental health, which inspired the couple to take action through their founding of Survive First.  Through their organization, they have facilitated better access to mental health services, offered educational seminars, and created a network of support that has become a lifeline for many in the first responder community.

At the 72nd Summer Training Conference, attended by police chiefs and law enforcement leaders from across the state, the Monda’s recognition was a complete surprise to them. The Annual Installation and Awards Banquet, a highlight of the conference, served as the perfect backdrop to honor their contributions and the work of other law enforcement professionals.

In accepting the award, Doug Monda expressed their gratitude and reaffirmed their commitment to continue advocating for mental health support within law enforcement. Doug’s heartfelt words reminded the evening’s attendees the importance of community and the collective responsibility to care for those who risk their lives daily for public safety.  “When I needed help, my Chief called another Chief, who called another Chief to get me the help I needed”, Doug recalled, as he spoke at the podium.

The recognition of Doug and Karen Monda with the FPCA President’s Award is more than just an honor; it is a call to action for the entire law enforcement community. Their work serves as a powerful reminder of the critical need for mental health support in the first responder community. It challenges us all to prioritize the mental well-being of our first responders , ensuring they have the resources and support necessary to thrive both professionally and personally.

We look forward to our continued work with the Florida Police Chiefs Association and departments and agencies across Florida.  Together we make a difference.  Together we save lives.